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Military - General


The military buildings in Travian basically are the buildings that have something to do with armies and troops. There are a surprising number of military buildings, they are listed and categorised in this page.

Training - - Barracks , Stable and the Workshop
To have troops you have to train them. Because there are different kinds of troops there are also different kinds of training buildings.

Advanced training - - Great Barracks and the Great Stable
Once your resources do not limit troop production anymore, the speed in which the training buildings train troops starts will start limiting you. When this happens, you should consider building a Great Stable or Barracks. These buildings are just like their normal counterparts, but the troops trained cost thrice (three times) as much. This may sound expensive, but this way you can train twice as fast in a village which is really profitable for offensive players.

Defensive - - Trapper , City Wall , Earth Wall and the Palisade
However aggressive a player may be, you always need to defend. Every tribe has its own wall that offers different protection and also varies in strength. A wall gives a percentage bonus to the troops in the village, up to 80% for a level 20 Roman City Wall. Additional the basic defensive value for a village will increase the defensive points per level, up to 200 points for a level 20 Roman City Wall.

  • Romans: City Wall , high bonus easy to destroy
  • Teutons: Earth Wall , low bonus but almost impossible to destroy
  • Gauls: Palisade , moderate in both fields

In addition to their Palisade, the Gauls also have a Trapper . This building can build up to 400 traps. When enemies attack the village, they will walk into the traps and be imprisoned.

Upgrading & research - - Academy and Smithy
Before you can train new kind of troops in the Barracks you need to research them in the Academy . Once you have quite a few troops you might want them to become stronger. You can do this by upgrading the troops in the Smithy. The Smithy increases the defence of your troops and improves their attack skills.

Special - - Hero's mansion and Rally point
The Rally Point is a requirement for virtually all military buildings. It can only be built on one spot, which is the curved one at the lower right of your Main Building. In the Hero's Mansion you can annex abandoned valleys (oases) with your hero.

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